Warehousing, Logistics
& Transportation Law

Warehousing, Logistics & Transportation Law

The legal issues associated with the warehousing, logistics and transportation industries, all of which are inter­related, are complex and require specialized legal knowledge and experience in the areas of bailment law, the Uniform Commercial Code and various other federal and state statutes, as well as associated federal, state and international law. The attorneys at Masini, Vickers & Hadsell, P.C. have that knowledge and experience, as well as a very valuable practical understanding of the issues based upon the industry relationships which they have developed over the years.

MVH’s Warehousing, Logistics and Transportation Law practice encompasses all aspects of the warehousing, logistics and transportation industries, for both dry storage and refrigerated storage. In addition to providing litigation and claim defense, MVH provides contract review and preparation services on all types of contracts and legal documentation utilized by its clients, including, without limitation, storage contracts, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, shipping contracts and both 3PL and 4PL agreements. MVH also provides legal counseling and advice on risk management issues and proactive steps which can be taken to limit our clients’ liability exposure.

Mr. Masini has handled cases all over the country, and has successfully tried cases in Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado and California. He has also been a speaker at various local, national and international organizations, including the International Warehouse Logistics Association (ILWA), the Southeast Warehouse Association, the Texas Warehouse Association, the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) and the Warehouse Education and Research Counsel (WERC). To see examples of various cases, claims and transactional matters handled by the attorneys at Masini, Vickers & Hadsell, P.C., CLICK HERE