About Masini, Vickers & Hadsell, P.C. (MVH) Law Firm

At Masini, Vickers & Hadsell, P.C. (MVH) law firm, we are Specialized. Our decades of legal experience in specific practice areas, coupled with our practical experience working in the architectural, construction, natural gas, warehouse and commercial business industries before becoming attorneys provides us with an experienced, specialized perspective and approach that we apply to the cases we handle.

MVH Law attorneys are Strategic. We recognize that every case and every client is unique and, therefore, the resolution strategies for every matter we handle must also be unique. We work collaboratively with our clients to evaluate multiple potential strategies and action plans and mutually agree on a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We are also cognizant that strategies must continually be reviewed and, if necessary, modified based upon the facts and circumstances presented.

We pride ourselves on the Success we achieve for our clients. Whether success means obtaining a favorable verdict at trial or arbitration, having a dispositive motion granted, achieving a favorable settlement at mediation or through direct negotiations, or negotiating a contract that protects our clients’ interests while limiting their liability exposure, success is what we strive for, and achieve, for our clients.