Warehousing, Logistics
& Transportation Law

Representative Cases
  • Obtained not guilty verdict at trial in Los Angeles, California in favor of warehouse company who leased space in a warehouse facility and was sued by owner/landlord. The jury also awarded both compensatory and punitive damages to our client for claims of breach of contract, conversion, unjust enrichment and fraud against the owner/landlord;
  • Obtained not guilty verdict in favor of warehouse owner after trial in Denver, Colorado involving $5 million in claims by depositors arising out of a fire in a refrigerated warehouse;
  • Successful settlement on behalf of warehouse owner during trial in Green Bay, Wisconsin arising out of a fire in a 105,000 square foot paper storage warehouse which was not fully extinguished for two weeks;
  • Negotiation and drafting of more than 150 warehousing, storage and transportation agreements, as well as review/preparation of lease agreements, purchase agreements and warehouseman’s liens;
  • Development, drafting and negotiation of fourth­-party warehouse contracts for warehouse owners to be used in other states;
  • Obtaining favorable Court Rulings upholding the validity of various damage limitation provisions under the Uniform Commercial Code and waiver of subrogation clauses;
  • Successful resolution of claims against warehouse owners without having to proceed to litigation in cases involving:
    • product contamination and cross-contamination
    • product theft
    • negligent operation of warehouse management system (WMS)
    • set offs and backcharges
    • alleged UCC and other statutory violations
    • product shortages/disappearance
    • product damaged by sprinklers, forklifts or warehouse employees
  • Analysis of insurance coverage issues associated with various claims under, warehouse legal liability policies and general liability policies, as well as related property insurance policies;

As warehousing, logistics and transportation companies continue to grow, expand and build new facilities or construct additions to existing facilities, such growth and expansion implicates a variety of additional legal issues. In addition to the bailment law, traditional UCC, statutory and case law issues, additional risks and liability exposure exists relating to the design and construction of such facilities which require legal counsel with specialized knowledge and experience in those areas as well. At MVH, we also specialize in Construction Law. With such extensive legal and practical knowledge and experience, the attorneys at MVH are able to provide their clients with additional assistance and counseling throughout the design and construction process, including:

  • Preparation and/or review of all construction-­related contracts, subcontracts, owner/architect agreements, consultant agreements and other specialty contracts;
  • Legal evaluation and interpretation of applicable statutory, building code, fire code, ADA and other applicable codes, regulations and standards, along with corresponding case law;
  • As required, attend meetings with ownership and the design and construction team to address claim issues or other legal issues that arise during the course of design and/or construction;
  • When building in a different state or jurisdiction, provide legal analysis of that state or jurisdiction’s applicable codes, laws, regulations and standards;
  • Serve as “On Call” legal counsel to respond to all construction­-related legal issues.