Product Liability

Representative Cases
  • Catastrophic personal injury case alleging defective design of a passenger loading jet bridge at Midway Airport;
  • Lawsuit involving a serious personal injury sustained as a result of an alleged defective concrete texture curing machine;
  • 10-week jury trial involving a catastrophic explosion of a cocoa bean roaster at a chocolate factory in Chicago resulting in one death and more than $15 million in property damage;
  • Failure of a heat exchanger for a sugar unloading cart system at a chewing gum factory in Chicago resulting in approximately $1 million in damage;
  • Lawsuit against a major automobile manufacturer involving a failure of a cruise control switch which resulted in significant property damage;
  • Catastrophic explosion and fire involving an industrial electrical transformer in South Florida resulting in property damages in excess of $1 million;
  • Personal injury case involving the alleged defective design of a rag catcher vault installed at a mental health facility;
  • Multiple personal injury lawsuits alleging defective product design by a scaffold equipment manufacturer;
  • Litigation involving manufacturer of a crawler excavator for property damage following the failure of the excavator turntable;
  • Claim for property damage alleging defective manufacture of a convection oven resulting in a fire originating near the oven’s exhaust system;
  • Product liability action against the manufacturer of under-cabinet light fixtures for fire-related property damage caused by a failure of the light’s high-temperature limit switch;
  • Claims against designer, fabricator and installer of tractor wheel assembly system for alleged failure/inability to meet production requirements.